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Commercial Locks Re-keying


Re-keying the locks can be required by a business for several reasons, including simplifying to one key for all locks (if compatible), and is always a good idea when you take over a new premises or home – you just never know how many people have a key to your property.

At times your keys may be stolen, go missing or are not returned by an employee or customer, and of course, a business or personal relationship might end, in which case having the locks changed is a very wise move. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have this done by Pioneer Security Locksmiths, and is far cheaper and easier than having new locks installed when the current ones are still in good working order. We include keying alike when compatible, and two keys per key-way for no extra charge, and as our prices are one of the best in Perth and surrounds, you get terrific value and peace of mind by having our Licensed, experienced senior Locksmith Michael sort out your re-keying for you. Contact Pioneer Security Locksmiths .

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