Commercial Locks Re-keying

Commercial Locks Re-keying

Re-keying the locks can be required by a business for several reasons, including simplifying to one key for all locks (if compatible), and is always a good idea when you take over a new premises or home – you just never know how many people have a key to your property.

At times your keys may be stolen, go missing or are not returned by an employee or customer, and of course, a business or personal relationship might end, in which case having the locks changed is a very wise move. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have this done by Pioneer Security Locksmiths, and is far cheaper and easier than having new locks installed when the current ones are still in good working order. We include keying alike when compatible, and two keys per key-way for no extra charge, and as our prices are one of the best in Perth and surrounds, you get terrific value and peace of mind by having our Licensed, experienced senior Locksmith Michael sort out your re-keying for you. Contact Pioneer Security Locksmiths .

Commercial Lock Repair & Installation

Commercial Lock Installation

Choose Pioneer Security Locksmiths for the best quality, reasonably priced locks to suit your requirements, the design of the door and premises, as well as being compliant with regulations and insurance requirements. Locks are not created equal and quality varies widely, do you know the difference? Our professional, qualified, licensed and Insured locksmith does and will always install your locks with the utmost care after consultation with you, giving you the best result long-term at an affordable price.

So if it’s time to replace the locks of your office or business, then contact us for our affordable commercial lock repair and installation service in Perth Western Australia.

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Window Lock Installation & Repair

Australia has specific regulations for openable windows and it is critical in certain cases that you choose, and have properly installed compliant locks for all relevant windows. Do you know the details relevant to your situation? Let our Licensed, experienced Locksmith advise you on our window lock installation service in Perth

Windows come in all sorts of shapes & sizes and several different styles, such as casement, hopper, awning, sliding, heritage, french and so on. The frames they are set into are also important to consider when selecting locks. Factors such as whether they are timber or metal, and how thick the windows and frames are, as well as what sort of locks you can choose from, colours and design, safety, quality and security factors amongst the different types and brands on offer today.

So, whether you require new locks, need your current ones re-keyed or need window lock repair or a service on the existing ones, we can advise you with whatever your window needs are. By using lock products from trusted brands and with many years of experience, at one of the best prices in Perth, you are sure to be secure and happy with our service.

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